Paying too much for driving lessons of less or equal quality just minutes away from us?…Seriously?

Our Philosophy: Efficiency+Affordability=Us!

Established in 2008, Akademia Driving School NYC is the best Driving School in New York City because it combines expertise with affordability, without compromising the quality of our lessons. It is a simple formula that has proven to be highly successful given our non-stop growth since we opened 10 years ago, where thousands of students have obtained their licenses with our aid.

In our training process we focus on the development of good habits in our students such as signaling at all times, looking at the ”blind spot” when leaving the curb or when changing lanes as well as being aware of potential hazards on the road, key elements of defensive driving skills. We also make sure that you completely master the five steps you must know in order to pass the road test in New York State at ease:

1. Leaving the curb.
2. Turning and intersection.
3. Parking, backing and U-Turn.
4. Driving in Traffic and
5. Vehicle Control.

Be a smart consumer and join the Best Driving School in NYC Today!